Kuln'Zu: I am a media & arts scholar and professional, event producer, lens-based artist, and cultural worker based in Nairobi, Kenya. I graduated from Pomona College with a B.A. in Africana and Media Studies and a minor in Molecular Biology, preparing me to be a trans-disciplinary and cross-functional worker, with a diverse skill set for management, and research across different industries and equipped to grow, learn and thrive. I am experienced in non-profit communications and media production.

As a scholar, I produce cultural criticism of visual and digital art with a focus on Blackness, queerness, migration, and aesthetics. As a media professional, I promote, engage with, and showcase art and film. 

Two digital denizens merging Afro-pop culture with academia to create “African Critical Theory” for the everyday millennial using conversation as our form of theorizing. We meditate on digital nativity, Black care, and Afro-centered possibilities in the arts, academia, and quotidian life. A labour of love for those who believe in radical hope and changing the world one conversation at a time.

Available wherever you find your podcasts.
Film and Arts Programming
Sanbonani! Film Festival (2018 - 2020)
Sanbonani! - I see you! Sanbonani! Film Festival (SFF) was a student-run project at Pomona College with the aim of screening African films and showcasing visual storytelling by African filmmakers. We want to create a space for critical engagement with visual narratives and representations that are coming to constitute the orthography of 21st-century African cinema. This includes features and short films which address the style, technique, and narrative of African filmmakers. We aim to bring thinkers, critiques, directors, and cinematographers—the producers of meaning both visual and critical—to discuss film, curation, and creation.
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