There is no single moment that we are not in motion, says the errant. Born at a border, they are excess, here nor there, the language of belonging fails them.  Errantry is fluid, we change and change and change, says the errant, and there is no single moment that we are not in motion.

The Errant is a character/being for lives in motion, at crossroads, a terminal, where arrival and departures meet, and here spills into there; the errant is excess. There is a search for the dreamlike, the erotic, the tender, and the journey places the mythical as center. The images are spirit revealing itself through the body, the material, the sensuous. They represent a crossing over, a threshold between the body and the spirit, the real and the mythical and sensual.
The concept of the paisley-faced guardians came up as a negotiation of visibility, where love and loving cross between a public political affair and a private one: in an age where loving is consumed, queerness vilified or glamourized, how can we confront the act of looking? To negotiate the authority of sight.

The guardians have their bodies revealed and their faces only shown as fabric. Whereas the errant has a face and an amorphous body. In each, there is an act of refusal, a withholding of wholeness to your gaze. In each, there is a call to the mystical, to exist as more than a physical body, as multiple limbs, heads or bodies, expanding the realm of felt experience. This is AfroSurreal - revealing the spiritual, the sensual and the political, the negotiation of visibility for black queer migrating bodies.
  a. Astray, wandering, roving, erring; straying from the proper course or place; having no fixed course.
Photographer: Kuln’Zu
Creative Director: Kuln’Zu (@kulnzu)
Makeup: Sabrin Osman (@nirbasbeauty)
Models: Jerry Ouma, Nteranya Sanginga, John Olima 

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