You Say You Want to Hold Me (2022)

For the Black Queer Bodies in Motion. 
We who are Young, African, Gifted and Queer.
In between familiar yet estranged places, seeking strange homes in other faces. I encountered the portraiture of myself and the people who I met while hopping couches, homes, places, a means to cope with the anxieties and growing pains amidst the isolation, disorientation(s), queer explorations, and coming of age of my early twenties.
Here is a story of a community built in motion – fluid. Here is the story of seeking care, gentility, intimacy. Here is the journey to enunciate Black/Queer/Diaspora through portraiure as a space to lay bare our desire to be held and to hold, to play and to heal.
HOLD - for healing.

HOLD - for the ways friends, strangers and I grew to hold each other close, well, carefully. For our creative energy to make joy, catharsis, and intimacy & to be well and be loved.
Here lies a story of hands: uttering softly, gently, beautifully; to capture their vitality, yield to their intimacy, their poetry, their poetics (always) of relation: a story of a community’s emergent strategies of care in beatific light, solemn shadow, petal and thread.

COR DENTATUM (2022) with Jephtha

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